Renewable Energy

Ivegate Ltd have been delivering Renewable Energy Services since 2011

Experienced, Knowledgeable Renewables Experts

We are experts in the renewable energy sector working on projects for both clients and contractors. We have unrivalled experience of the construction sector process with a thorough understanding of compliance, practical delivery and Health and Safety requirements. Our clients continue to benefit from our extensive experience in this sector.

Our customer base ranges from new build developers, public sector buildings, landlords and private business owners.

We have installed systems in live working environments such as busy shopping centers and leisure centers and have managed delivery of multiple installation projects for portfolio owners.

About Renewable Energy

By the end of 2022, we will have delivered over 30MW of solar systems. Our expertise in commercial solar system deployment covers a range of specialist designs:

  • Commercial rooftop
  • Façade mounted
  • Car ports
  • Ground mounts
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Renewable Energy Services


Solar PV is now an established technology recognised for providing a value for money viable alternative source to grid energy. We work with many businesses to develop solutions to reduce their dependance on grid energy and in doing so, reduce the cost of their energy needs, reducing their carbon footprint and move them along the journey to net zero.

We will help you assess your energy needs and design, develop and deliver a solution that reflects your requirements based on an engineered solution.

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Battery Storage

The UK energy network is increasingly looking towards battery storage to help support the energy demands of the future. Whether it is a utility scale battery to support peek demand or a local commercial battery to reduce peek offset, increase PV consumption, provide back up power or participate in the energy capacity markets, the Ivegate design team can help you assess your need and design and install a solution which is right for you.

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EV Charging

As the UK reduces it’s dependance on fossil fuels and car manufacturers increase their production of electric vehicles, increasing access to reliable EV charging is essential.

We work on many commercial projects looking to combine technologies with symbiotic functions and EV chargers are an essential part of the smart grid story.

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Smart Grid

The Ivegate team are experienced in combining multiple technologies with a smart grid management solutions to seamlessly integrate and control, generated and distributed power across multiple technologies to deliver net zero energy systems.

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0 kg of carbon saved annually
Featured Work

ACS Stainless Steel

  • Location: Leeds
  • Client: ACS Stainless
  • Services: Design, supply and install Solar PV

We were commissioned directly by the client to design, supply and install a 249 kWp solar system to offset the on site energy demand.

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0 kWp Installed
Featured Work

Salt Ayre Leisure Centre

  • Location: Lancaster
  • Client: Salt Ayre Leisure Centre
  • Services: M&E, ASHP

Ivegate were directly contracted by Lancaster City Council having been selected via a competitive tender process. This project was the first of its kind for this region and is one of the leading responses within the regions’ climate response strategy.

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£ 0 k+ Annual Savings
Featured Work

ASDA Leicester

  • Location: Leicester
  • Client: ASDA
  • Services: System Analysis, Design, Supply and Installation

 We were awarded the contract to design and install a 246kWp solar photovoltaic system at the new build ASDA superstore on Abbey Road, Leicester. The works were carried out during the construction of the £7m new build undertaken by ISG Construction Plc. 

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0 kWh Annual Generation
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Mountpark Southampton

  • Location: Southampton
  • Client: Mountpark
  • Services: Supply and Installation Solar PV & Battery Storage

The requirements for this PV System were to provide 100% of the calculated energy usage for the warehouse lighting within each of the 3No industrial units within this industrial development, in close proximity to Southampton Airport.

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0 kWh Annual Generation
Featured Work

St Stephen’s Shopping Centre

  • Location: Hull
  • Client: British Land
  • Services: System Analysis, Design, Supply and Installation

 Designs were then carried out by our in-house team with a 250kW system provided by 961 panels. The installation of the scheme presented challenges as the shopping centre was already established and operating with a record 11.7 million people a year visiting. 

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