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St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre

How we did it

Designs were then carried out by our in-house team with a 250kW system provided by 961 panels. The installation of the scheme presented challenges as the shopping centre was already established and operating with a record 11.7 million people a year visiting.

Working in and around a live environment required extensive liaison with the centre’s asset management team so gaining access to the roof, deliveries arriving on site and the solar panels being transported to the roof had no impact on customers expecting to enjoy the retail experience.

The solar panels save 219,156kWh of energy and 113,741kg of carbon per year – enough electricity to meet 35 per cent of the 560,000sq ft centre’s needs with the PV system playing a key role in the shopping centre winning and being shortlisted for numerous awards in recognition of its energy efficient performance.

Project Headlines

Location: Hull
Client: British Land
Services: System Analysis, Design, Supply and Installation

Key Facts


of Carbon saved annually


Solar panels fitted


of Energy saved a year

Remote Energy Monitoring System Installed

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