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Yorkshire Event Centre

How we did it

Making it as sustainable as possible was a central requirement for the client, Yorkshire Event Centre and the contractor, Clugstons. To maximise the array, we installed some 960 solar panels across a roof space of 1,561m2.

As well as the financial benefits, it will save over 190,000kWh of energy a year. As specialists, we were appointed by the project M&E contractor to provide an efficient solution to the venue complying with building and planning regulations.

The scheme was instrumental in the development achieving a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating when its energy efficiency performance was assessed reiterating the key role solar plays in energy reduction strategies.

This solar panel design, supply and installation project on the roof of the largest single events space in Yorkshire will save over £20,000-a-year in electricity.

Project Headlines

Location: Harrogate
Client: Yorkshire Event Centre
Services: System Analysis, Design, Supply and Installation

Key Facts


of Carbon saved anually


Solar panels fitted


of Energy saved a year


Annual Savings

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